In the realm of marketing, two crucial strategies that brokerages invest in are branding and lead generation. While both are considered integral in driving success for a real estate firm, they serve distinct purposes and require different approaches. Brokerages must understand the differences between branding and lead generation marketing expenses to allocate resources effectively. This […]
In real estate, the big are getting bigger. This is a trend apparent to many, and an analysis of 2023 Mega 1000 data provides some additional data behind it, including how the nation’s 10 largest brokerages have performed relative to the larger field. The total 2022 sales volume of the U.S.’s 1,000 largest brokerage firms […]
On July 11, T3 Sixty penned a letter to the industry regarding the intense legal and regulatory scrutiny of its current compensation structure. Regardless of whether a settlement occurs or a regulator steps in, the company identified some clear steps NAR, brokerages and agents should take to better serve consumers and reduce their risk. Read […]
To put the ever-evolving real estate industry into perspective, T3 Sixty has identified a framework for the major innovations and developments as they have occurred over time in what it terms real estate brokerage stages. First introduced in the 2019 Swanepoel Trends Report, the T3 Brokerage Stages concept helps real estate leaders understand where the […]
As mortgage rates rise, inventory stagnates and the economy remains unpredictable, luxury real estate, which typically offers higher margins and less volatility than the lower-priced market, has become increasingly attractive to brokerages and agents. There are many definitions of luxury real estate. A working definition for this article can be homes from 1.5 to 2X […]
With mortgage rates more than doubling to 6.7% since the start of 2022, buying and selling a home today means taking on a higher-rate mortgage. A recent survey from realtor.com noted that 82% of homesellers are reluctant to sell their home and give up the low interest rate on their current mortgage, known as the […]
A basic question that is conceptually quite simple is “How many residential real estate brokerages are there in the United States?”  That question is not as easy to answer as one might imagine. While NAR has monthly data on the number of Realtors and state real estate authorities track the number of real estate licensees, […]
Every year, T3 Sixty gathers and verifies the production data of the nation’s 1,000 brokerages and ranks them in the Mega 1000, with the 2023 edition released in late April. In the months that follows, T3 does additional analysis of the data to help real estate leaders digest the data and pull out usable insights. […]
In early May, the Speicher Group, whose 21-agent Washington, D.C.-area real estate team did approximately $100 million in sales and approximately 200 sides in 2022, joined The Real Brokerage, the fast-growing virtual brokerage that catapulted into the top 20 of the Mega 1000 with $12.1 billion in 2022 sales and 28,464 2022 transaction sides. The […]
Hundreds of smaller MLSs remain active across the U.S., and many organizations wonder how they will compete or remain valuable in an ever-changing and consolidating landscape. In this video, T3 Sixty senior vice president of organized real estate Clint Skutchan hosts a conversation with several MLS leaders.
Real estate leaders at the 2022 T3 Summit explored some compelling themes and trends the industry and brokerages currently face. This article provides a brief overview along with some highlights of trends discussed at the event.