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T3 Sixty’s monthly executive brief providing analysis on the most important trends and developments as well as a quick digest of the most notable news in the industry. With T3 Insight, T3 Sixty analyzes developing trends, provides new brokerage industry best practices, and creates new perspectives on recent developments in technology, leadership, and organized real estate, in a monthly executive brief.

Current Edition

September 2023

2024 Swanepoel Trends Report launch, agent demographics + the mortgage lock – in effect by geography
In this edition of Insight, we announce the launch of the 2024 Swanepoel Trends Report. The annual 220-page study analyzes the biggest trends shaping the residential real estate brokerage industry and provides leaders with an invaluable strategic resource to adapt and thrive. Next up, we dive into the 2023…

T3 Sixty

Earlier Monthly Editions

August 2023

Inside one of the nation’s fastest-growing brokerages, analyzing inventory at the metro level + Howard Hanna’s VOW strategy
In this edition of Insight, we feature the Jason Mitchell Group, the third-fastest-growing brokerage in the U.S. Its innovative business-to-business lead referral model could make them one of the largest companies in the nation. This article examines the firm’s business strategy. Next, Dr. Paul Bishop explores the nationwide lack…

T3 Sixty

July 2023

Industry letter, Mega 1000 Top 10 + Marketing Expenses
In this edition of Insight, we start with a letter to the industry penned by T3 Sixty regarding the legal and regulatory scrutiny facing compensation structure. As ongoing lawsuits threaten to change the industry we provide recommendations for NAR, brokerages and agents. Next up, we dig into the data…

T3 Sixty

June 2023

The lock-in effect, luxury real estate + industry stages
In this edition of Insight, we dive into one key component of the industry’s severe inventory shortage: the mortgage lock-in effect. With rates at all-time lows last year, many homeowners have more house than they could afford if they went shopping in the market now. Next up, T3 Sixty’s…

T3 Sixty

May 2023

Inside the nation’s fastest-growing brokerage, a Mega 1000 analysis + counting brokerages
In this edition of Insight, we dive into the model of the nation’s fastest-growing brokerage, The Real Brokerage, and spotlight some of the elements of its model that have contributed to its rapid rise into the U.S.’s 18th largest brokerage. Next up, T3 Sixty economist Dr. Paul Bishop provides…

T3 Sixty

April 2023

2023 Mega 1000 Live, the brokerage concentration trend + rethinking ‘independent brokerages’
Diving into the 2023 Mega 1000, the numbers behind the concentration of brokerage production and why the industry should rethink use of the identifier “independent brokerage.”…

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