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T3 Sixty’s monthly executive brief providing analysis on the most important trends and developments as well as a quick digest of the most notable news in the industry. With T3 Insight, T3 Sixty analyzes developing trends, provides new brokerage industry best practices, and creates new perspectives on recent developments in technology, leadership, and organized real estate, in a monthly executive brief.

Current Edition

September 2023

2024 Swanepoel Trends Report launch, agent demographics + the mortgage lock – in effect by geography
In this edition of Insight, we announce the launch of the 2024 Swanepoel Trends Report. The annual 220-page study analyzes the biggest trends shaping the residential real estate brokerage industry and provides leaders with an invaluable strategic resource to adapt and thrive. Next up, we dive into the 2023…

T3 Sixty

Earlier Monthly Editions

December 2021

The future of real estate, finding great talent + leading MLS systems
A dive into the 2022 Swanepoel Trends Report, how to find and keep great talent, and how MLSs are looking to modernize their tech systems to facilitate new opportunities and expansion….

T3 Sixty

November 2021

Zillow shutters iBuying, 2022 and strategy + tech brokerage fit
Zillow suddenly pulls out of iBuying and what it means, the strategies to employ to achieve spectacular growth in 2022 and fine-tuning tech fit for brokerages….

T3 Sixty

October 2021

Hiring Realtor association execs, using tech to increase efficiency + 2022 real estate trends
Realtor associations do not always have the most sophisticated hiring process; in this edition, we explore some of the strategies orgs can apply to find good leaders. In addition, this edition presents how brokerages can use technology to increase efficiency and provides a preview of the 2022 Swanepoel Trends…

T3 Sixty

September 2021

Housing affordability, state of real estate AI + the SP 200
Housing affordability as a continued challenge for many Americans, the state of real estate artificial intelligence and making sure the fullest spectrum of leaders gets considered for the SP 200….

T3 Sixty

August 2021

Brokerage and tech company consolidation, diversity’s impact on business + real estate tech integrations
Companies have been on acquisition sprees in recent years; we chronicle the landscape of emerging consolidated behemoths. This edition also explores the business case for increasing diversity and providing insight into the mechanics of increasing integrations among brokerage technologies….

T3 Sixty