2019 Swanepoel Trends Report

Published in 2018
200 Pages
Helen Hanna Casey
Chief Executive Officer Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Today’s real estate business is not for alarmists, pessimists or quitters. The battle for sales is intense. With smarter, tech savvy consumers and powerful, new competitors, we need to boldly adapt, create and innovate. Throughout our industry’s history, change has been a constant. Disruptors and new models have emerged in every era.

How we adapt to change is what is important. To be successful, we must embrace, accept and meet the opportunities in front of us. We must be innovators and create our destiny. It is all about finding the best way to improve the real estate experience for our agents and clients.

Stefan Swanepoel
New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Editor-in-Chief of the Swanepoel Trends Report Chairman and CEO, T3 Sixty

We have written about trends, innovation, technology and change for decades. We have fairly consistently and accurately identified where the industry would land before it touched the ground.

This understanding comes from deeply dissecting and analyzing new business models and trends. Over the last few years, we have watched and chronicled the gradual transforming pressure now rocking the industry to its core. After years of gradual build up, big change is suddenly upon us.

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