2023 Swanepoel Trends Report

Published in 2022
244 Pages
Gino Blefari
CEO, HomeServices of America Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Today’s headlines have the potential to knock even the most seasoned real estate professional on their heels. Soaring inflation. Historically low inventory. Rising mortgage rates. Unsettled stock market. Faltering consumer confidence. Whispered comparisons to 2008.

The shift being felt throughout the real estate market is a rebalancing of norms in many respects. But it is not just the housing market undergoing these changes. The real estate industry itself is undergoing a profound shift as well. Whether you believe the catalyst is a changing economy or pressure from Wall Street, the return to sound business fundamentals that drive our business and underlying business models is now front and center.

Paul Hagey
Senior Vice President, T3 Sixty Editor-in-Chief

The residential real estate brokerage industry plays a critical role in perhaps the most important, foundational element of our lives: Home.

Every day, real estate brokers and agents help consumers navigate the all important tasks related to this American Dream. One element of the century old structure upon which this dream operates the way real estate industry professionals are compensated is facing unprecedented scrutiny.

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