December 2020

Inside the 2021 Swanepoel Trends Report, how the pandemic has affected hiring and what to do about it, and a high-level guide for developing a successful real estate brokerage strategic plan.

This immense change happening in the real estate industry requires clear-eyed analysis and information, which is just what T3 Sixty poured into over 200 pages of the 2021 Swanepoel Trends Report, which was published on December 7. We provide an overview of the report in this article.
Real estate companies have an immense opportunity to scoop up talented agents and employees in the pandemic’s wake, but they must understand the way the landscape, roles and work geography has shifted. This article outlines those.
Growing a business is not difficult, it just requires a clear, detailed plan, a clear intent, and, often, a guide that can help provide feedback on the realistic steps needed to reach stated goals. In this article, we outline just how brokerage and team leaders can embark on a journey to growth.
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