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The newest technologies will have significant impacts on culture and business. This article serves as a brief digest of the emerging trends, insights and major themes from the tech track of the 2023 SXSW event.
To shed more light on the release and the process for building the 2023 Tech 200, Travis Saxton, head of T3’s technology consulting division, and Paul Hagey, T3 Sixty’s editor-in-chief, curated a conversation about its development. This article presents a video recording and additional key details of the release.
One of the most high-profile U.S. discount brokerage flameouts in recent years was Purplebricks, the U.K.-based startup that launched in 2014. The company raised $239 million to launch and expand in the US with a significant TV and digital ad spends but ended up exiting the country by September 2019. This article dives into the Purplebricks’ failure and includes a recorded video interview with Purplebricks’ former US CEO.
To accurately and effectively evaluate their technology strategy and approach, brokerages need to understand how technology fits their goals, vision, branding and more. This is why T3 Sixty developed the T3 Brokerage Technology Profile, outlined in this article.
A new breed of digital payment apps is helping brokerages offer and facilitate digital payments to address the many needs they have for transferring money. These apps are streamlining and simplifying this process for the companies, their agents and consumers. This article provides more details on the trend and lists three notable companies in the space.
Understand the latest leading real estate technology in a conversation with T3 Sixty editor-in-chief Paul Hagey, and T3 Sixty technology division executives Travis Saxton and Jonathan Peterson as they explore the trends and takeaways of the 2022 Tech 500, which published this week!
Increasingly, the power of real estate technology does not lie with the systems brokers and teams use, but in how they use them. And perhaps nothing influences the way companies can use different technologies than the degree to which they integrate with each other. In this article, we outline the four main types of real estate integrations with examples of each.
Rentals have long been a related, but detached aspect of the residential real estate sales industry. As the nation’s most popular portals mature and consolidate, however, they are beginning to also compete for dominance as rental marketplaces complement their for-sale business.