2024 STR Strategic Packages

Designed to supplement the strategic and business needs of boards, teams and enterprises

2024 STR

Strategic Packages Include

Executive Summary

A full strategic summary of the 2024 Swanepoel Trends Report. The summary includes talking points and high-level, actionable digests for each chapter. It's the perfect complement to unlock the report's strategic insights.

Keynote Slide Deck

A keynote slide deck built from the report including a concise, visually compelling digest of the full report ready for leaders to present to their boards and teams.

Strategic Presentations

T3 Sixty has strategic presentations by T3 Sixty President and CEO Jack Miller designed to help specific audiences unlock and apply the analysis + insights within the 2024 Swanepoel Trends Report.

T3 Trends

Packages include a subscription to T3 Trends, which provides leaders with access to past reports, real time trends updates and much more!

1v1 Strategic Consultation

Secure a 30-minute 1v1 strategic consultation with a T3 Sixty consultant, specializing in organized real estate, brokerages, and teams

Transform Your Business with a Strategic Package

Your executive board and enterprise team deserve to be on the cutting edge - sign up for a strategic package and get a number of bonuses. Email T3 today.

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