Buyer Brokerage Action Pack

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Why the Action Pack?

What Comes With the Action Pack?

Leadership Materials

Video Overview

What everyone needs to know about buyer brokerage compensation and business practices they should make — a 30-minute overview. Designed for sales meetings and for presentation and discussion with agents.

Must-Have Update

Outline of the critical changes to the industry's compensation practices every real estate leader needs to know and the full 2024 Swanepoel Trends Report.

Crucial Chapter

The groundbreaking chapter from the 2023 Swanepoel Trends Report: “Evaluating Real Estate’s Compensation Structure and Its Future”

Agent Workshop Materials

Use these materials to lead your agents in a powerful agent workshop on buyer representation.

Video Series:

  • Agency Overview: What you need to know now
  • 5 critical steps in a powerful buyer consultation
  • What listing agents need to know and do right now
  • Additional educational resources
  • Key action items for brokers
  • Interviews with successful agents on working with buyers now

One-Sheets & Materials

  • Buyer Agent Services and Value Proposition (Editable)
  • Customer vs. Client Explainer
  • Most common objections related to compensation
  • 156 Item Buyer to Contract Workflow

Ask-Me-Anything Sessions

Monthly ask-me-anything sessions for brokers and their managers about issues related to buyer brokerage and the compensation lawsuits.

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Buyer Brokerage Action Pack

$ 499
  • Leadership Materials
  • Agent Workshop Materials
  • One-Sheets and Materials
  • Ask-Me-Anything Sessions