2021 Swanepoel Trends Report

Published in 2020
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Robert Reffkin
Co-founder and CEO Compass

There has probably never been a time in human history when people have depended on their homes more than they have in 2020. During this unforgettable year, our homes became everything to us: our offices, our children’s classrooms, our gyms and exercise studios, our movie theaters.

That has also made us more intimately aware of the inadequacies of our homes than ever before. This year, people asked themselves if they had enough indoor space, enough outdoor space, enough room to work from home. And if they did not, they reached out to a real estate agent to help guide them through these uncertain times.

Stefan Swanepoel
Chairman and CEO, T3 Sixty Editor-in-Chief

2020 will go down as one of the strangest years in American history. An unprecedented global pandemic, a deeply divided US presidential election, locust swarms, rampant wildfires, a record number of hurricanes, and social and racial unrest all flared up this year, rocking the globe and the United States.

But the residential real estate industry proved amazingly resilient thanks to the lowest mortgage rates in 50 years and the changing needs of homebuyers. Hunkered down in their homes like most of America when COVID-19 erupted in the US in late March, brokers and agents accelerated the use of technology on all levels. Zoom calls rapidly became the norm.

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