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In this edition of T3 Insight, T3 Sixty's latest monthly analysis of the residential real estate brokerage industry includes articles on A post-pandemic real estate vision, why firms buy + sell, back-office insight. Take a deep dive below.
Released September 19, 2020

Real estate’s post-pandemic future

by: Paul Hagey

Inside real estate tech M&A: the 6 most common reasons buyers buy and sellers sell

by: Michele Conn

6 ways to improve brokerage back-office operations

by: Jonathan Peterson

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Inside America’s Covid Migration

The lasting impact of Covid-19 on American society and population concentration will not be fully realized for years to come, but it appears increasingly likely that a significant portion of city residents will move – or spend much more time in – towns farther afield.

  • NPR
Opendoor hiring independent contractor agents in Phoenix

Opendoor already had in-house employee agents. This move represents likely another test by the iBuyer in refining its model into something sustainable and profitable.

  • Job Board
The Nuance of Diversity

Addressing inequality in the US and in the residential real estate brokerage industry presents an immense challenge. It requires proactive action, careful, diligent thought and an honest evaluation of current actions. That’s one reason T3 Sixty established a new diversity consulting division, to assist clients in dealing with these complex issues.

  • This American Life
New York State Senate sets hearings for subpoenaed real estate firms

Housing, neighborhoods and real estate play an integral role in America’s challenges with improving diversity. Increasing the residential real estate industry’s diversity, including in its leadership ranks, will be a significant step in improving equality in the nation.

  • Newsday
NAR and MLSs respond to Clear Cooperation Policy suit

The Clear Cooperation Policy represents a significant development in the industry this year. The policy effectively maintains MLSs as the central repository of listings, which reinforces the residential real estate brokerage’s unique cooperative framework.

  • Inman
HomeLight acquires Disclosures.io

HomeLight represents one of many new business models looking to build out the components of an end-to-end residential real estate transaction.

  • Crunchbase
Desegregating neighborhoods — the answer to achieving true equality

This story, once again, points to the central role the real estate industry has to play in addressing and improving the racial divide in America.

  • New York Times
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac tack on 0.5% refinance fee

The real estate industry has been blazing hot in the third quarter, thanks in large part to record-low mortgage rates. This additional refinance fee may slow some of the refinance activity, but not drastically.

  • CNBC
The pandemic has supercharged Utah’s housing market

This article features Utah, but merely represents one example of a similar story playing out in communities across the country. The housing market is firing on all cylinders across the country.

  • The Salt Lake Tribune
NYC’s fiscal fiasco vexes real estate industry

The largest city in the United States is certainly not bulletproof and has recently had to deal with a significant number of challenges including excessive traffic, limited space, delivering clean water, global warming and the pandemic. Now, a growing number of people want to live elsewhere.

  • The Real Deal