January 2021

The insights within the 2021 SP 200, announcing the national nonprofit from T3 Sixty — the Real Estate Apprentice Foundation — designed to increase diversity within real estate. In addition, this edition details how leaders can leverage T3’s new data and research offering T3 Intel.

The SP 200 ranks the industry’s most powerful leaders each year. The 2021 list, just released this month, helps showcase where the industry is, where it’s going and who’s leading it there. Read on for some more insight into this year’s list.
The residential real estate industry has an incredible opportunity to improve diversity in its ranks. The Real Estate Apprentice Foundation was designed to serve as a vehicle for companies and individuals throughout the industry to come together and help more people from underrepresented and underprivileged communities develop lasting real estate careers.
T3 Intel provides digital, 24/7 access to T3 Sixty’s award-winning real estate research and analysis in one location. The service’s library includes almost 3,000 pages of research at launch and features an intelligent search algorithm that helps users accurately find the information and related subject matter they need. Learn more in this article.
Growing a business is not difficult, it just requires a clear, detailed plan, a clear intent, and, often, a guide that can help provide feedback on the realistic steps needed to reach stated goals. In this article, we outline just how brokerage and team leaders can embark on a journey to growth.
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