2020 Swanepoel Trends Report

Published in 2019
222 Pages
Richard Barton
Chief Executive Officer Zillow Group

Long ago, transferring money meant mailing a check or a trip to the bank. Today, we can pull up an app and do it in a click or two. Remember using a landline to order pizza for the kids’ slumber party? By 2015, more people were going online to order food delivery than by picking up the phone

Google search interest for “open now” has tripled in just the past two years, while searches for “store hours” have plummeted. Instant and simple are the new normal. This is the expectation of home shoppers, too — because other industries have ushered them there. If I can shop for nearly everything with the push of a button, why not sell my home and buy a new one — or find the perfect rental — the same way?

Stefan Swanepoel
Chairman and CEO, T3 Sixty Best-Selling Author, NYT & WSJ Editor-in-Chief, Swanepoel Trends Report

You get the news every day in your inbox. Some of it makes sense. Much does not. Some information contains skewed commentary, with incomplete information, while other information is self-serving, without always being clear on how.

We all have more to digest than ever before. For good reason, the industry is changing at what appears to be an unprecedented pace. The industry feels chaotic.

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