Welcome to the Post-Settlement Brokerage Playbook

The NAR settlement signed on March 15, 2024, introduces some foundational changes to the way brokerages, agents and consumers interact. This has significant implications for how brokerages, agents, MLSs and associations function. This Post-Settlement Playbook offers real estate leaders and practitioners sharp, vetted intelligence, analysis and practical implications and best practices to best respond to and take advantage of the opportunities available in this new era of real estate.

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Understanding the Settlement

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Slide Deck: 3-29 NAR Settlement Update

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Use these materials to better understand the settlement's context.

Reference Materials

Settlement Amounts

Ongoing Strategic Presentations + Slide Decks

Next Live Virtual Presentation - May 2024 (Date TBD)

The next live virtual strategic presentation on the settlement will take place in May. Check this page or your email for details when the date is set.

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Brokerage + Team Consulting Options

T3 Sixty offers a variety of in-depth consulting services for brokerages and teams, which range from strategic planning to group masterminds and more. For more, reach out to brokerage and team leads Dean Cottrill or Lisa Piccardo, at dean@t3sixty.com and lisa.piccardo@t3sixty.com, respectively.