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Every year the Swanepoel Trends Report covers the most significant trends, shifts, new business models and companies that are shaping the industry today. Whether you buy one copy for yourself, or multiple for your team, you will gain insights and an understanding you did not have before.
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New in the 2022 Swanepoel Trends Report

Below are snippets outlining some of the top 10 trends researched for the 2022 Swanepoel Trends Report. Each trend is detailed in a 12–15 page analysis specifically for brokers, team leaders, and industry executives.

Understanding Private Equity

One of the significant effects private equity is enabling is the increased consolidation of players, thereby causing companies’ scale and scope to escalate. Mergers and acquisitions activity is at an all-time high, and new names such as Stone Point Capital, Vector Capital, Aquiline Capital Partners, Lovell Minnick Partners, Permira Funds, Beringer Capital, and Riomar Capital are entering the industry. Private equity firms are finishing up their most active 40 years and still have lots of “dry powder” – an estimated $3 trillion, so expect big, bold, brash moves to come from this sector of the market.

Understanding the Technology Consolidation Wave

Like the rest of the residential real estate industry, real estate brokerage technology is also growing from a cottage industry to a fast-moving, sophisticated marketplace dominated by a handful of players. This growth creates an uncomfortable dynamic between brokers, teams, and agents when key tech products and companies are constantly changing hands. This chapter analyzes the types of acquisitions occurring, reviews the major acquisitions, and explains how this may influence organizations thinking about using or owning technology.

The Great Reshuffling

A higher outflow of residents from a few large, high-cost urban areas could further reduce affordability for homeowners, renters, and future buyers across many destination communities. Already a concern for many, housing affordability could be stretched even further if the Great Reshuffling truly marks a sustained change in where Americans live and work. This trend analyzes these changes, how they influence today’s housing market, and what players should think about.

Acceleration Gets Faster

Underway for nearly a decade, Covid-19 accelerated the previous business innovation stage that started in 2011 and ended in 2020. Now, emerging from the pandemic, the real estate brokerage industry is noticeably different. Recently minted business models have solidified their position at the top of the brokerage company chart. Companies are going public around the clock, and the market values of the industry’s largest companies have increased dramatically. Now is the time for brokerage and team leaders to determine where they fit into that competitive landscape and take aggressive steps to ensure they have staying power for the coming years.

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