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Real Estate Trends for 2021

Trend 09 - 

The Housing Affordability Reality

Homeownership is a key part of the nation’s economy, communities and, of course, the residential real estate brokerage industry. This chapter analyzes the recent deterioration of affordable homeownership, the factors contributing to it and some solutions to alleviate the challenge.

Trend 08 - 

Inside the Clear Cooperation Policy

The Clear Cooperation Policy, which clarifies how MLS participants can market homes for sale before broadcasting throughout the MLS, went into effect in 2020. This chapter analyzes its implementation and impact.

Trend 07 - 

The Brokerage Ancillary Business Playbook

Increasingly, brokerages must leverage revenue and profitability opportunities outside of their core transaction-based operations. This chapter outlines the immense business opportunity provided by mortgage, title, insurance and other operations ancillary to the home transaction that brokerages handle.

Trend 06 - 

The Real Estate Franchising Landscape

For half a century franchising has continued to be a very successful business model in the residential real estate brokerage industry. This chapter presents the fees and key details about the nation’s 30 real estate franchise brands.

Trend 05 - 

Real Estate’s Cloud-Based Brokerage Takes Flight

In just 12 years, eXp Realty has become the nation’s fourth-largest brokerage by annual sales volume and, in just the last four years, has grown agent count by more than 20X to over 32,000 agents. This chapter explores its business model, strategies, and the factors that contribute to its growth.

Trend 04 - 

Revitalizing Real Estate’s Largest Franchisor and Brokerage Company

In many ways Realogy defines the residential real estate brokerage industry. It operates both the nation’s largest brokerage and its largest franchise company. Although many stressors impacting the traditional model have also dramatically squeezed the giant in recent years, new leadership has implemented an aggressive revitalization strategy. This chapter chronicles this journey.

Trend 03 - 

Managing Diversity and Inclusion

Real estate offers so many opportunities to so many, yet homeownership and real estate careers remain racially unrepresented. This chapter explores some of the realities behind the divide and offers some suggestions to make the industry and ownership more accessible to more groups.

Trend 02 - 

The Lead-Generation-Focused Business Opportunity

Lead generation has been around as a business strategy for many decades. However, in recent years, thanks to technology and maturation of the real estate team phenomenon, a new business model is enabling brokers to increase profit margins. This chapter introduces the model and its key elements.

Trend 01 - 

Real Estate in a Post-Pandemic ‘New Normal’

There have been few impacts as large or as deep on the residential real estate brokerage industry than the ones brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although real estate proved very resilient, it has been changed forever. This chapter dives into the changes and the industry’s future.

Report Overview

It’s a difficult time. It’s a difficult year. Like most of you, I’m ready to get back to normal, whether socially or business-wise.  From our side [T3 Sixty], we’re going to try and see if we can help you get back to normal with the 2021 trends report.  

We’ve been writing the trends report every year for 16 years now. This report is probably my 10th rewrite already in this edition. It’s 216 pages this year. 

The average chapter is about 16 to 20 pages into each topic. It’s not a news clip or a highlight of what happened. This is a deep dive into the brokerages, leaders, associations, tech companies, the companies in the public spotlight, and the ones planning to go public. It’s a deep dive into what their thoughts are, how they experienced, and how they responded to the pandemic. It’s a look at what it took to survive 2020 and to thrive in 2021. 

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