Make sure leaders you know are on the SP 200 radar

Shared: September 21, 2021

By: Paul Hagey

T3 Sixty ranks the residential real estate brokerage industry’s most powerful and influential leaders and executives. nominate a leader you feel is worthy.

The SP 200, which ranks the residential real estate brokerage industry’s 200 most powerful and influential leaders and executives, comes out every January. T3 Sixty maintains a robust database of industry leaders but wants to make sure no stone is left unturned in its analysis, so it is calling upon the industry to submit nominations for who it feels should be considered.

If you know of someone who should be considered, please nominate them here.

About the SP 200

The SP 200 does not rely on nominations nor is it a compilation of friends, family, clients or people who wish to simply see media coverage about themselves.

This is meaningful.

It means that honorees have passed through a mix of quantitative and qualitative components that attempts to appreciate and measure the exceptional work the leaders in our industry do. These are the big guns. The people that founded, shaped, built, acquired, led the largest franchisors, the largest brokerages, the largest associations, the largest MLSs, the largest technology companies, and so on. They drive our industry.

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T3 Sixty uses a rigorous three-part methodology to rank leaders with the aid of organizational charts and proprietary data from leaders and their representatives and the firm’s Real Estate Almanac (Mega 1000) report, the annual ranking of industry brokerages, franchisors and holding companies by size. 

If a leader is on the list, he or she is truly an industry leader, a significant influencer, or power player of the highest level. 


Information gathering starts October 1 and runs through November 12. Analysis and research takes place from November 12 to December 31. Rankings are published in the second week of January each year.

At T3 Sixty, we, however, also know that many changes occur continuously — executives get transferred, promoted, sell their company or retire. We track most of those changes, but sometimes changes occur under the radar and we do not know.

Please help us continue to make the SP 200 the most accurate, most meaningful, and most objective representation of the leaders in the industry. They are often the ones that acknowledge the brokers, franchisees, best agents, big contributors etc. in each of their respective companies.

This is the highest form of recognition and thanks leaders can receive from their peers.