November 2022

A digest of the 2023 STR chapter “Evaluating Real Estate’s Compensation Structure and Its Future,” details on the future of MLS currently unfolding and a conversation with Bright MLS CEO Brian Donnellan.

Multiple listing services have been critical components of the American real estate system for nearly a century. They are, however, facing some significant changes and challenges as the industry matures into an increasingly scaled, well-capitalized enterprise, with advanced technology and new data capabilities and practices.
Bright MLS, the nation’s second largest multiple listing service, which serves over 100,000 subscribers in the Mid-Atlantic region, has been among a vanguard of MLSs innovating to create an expansive future for itself and other MLSs. In this video conversation, Bright MLS President and CEO Brian Donnellan discusses the evolution he sees in the MLS space and how he’s looking to navigate it.
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