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Every year, the National Association of Realtors surveys its membership on a variety of demographic and business characteristics and publishes the results in the NAR Member Profile. This article provides an overview of some of the key demographics the profile reveals.
The 2024 Swanepoel Trends Report, the annual analysis of the biggest trends shaping the residential real estate brokerage industry, is now available for pre-purchase! This article includes a brief preview of the report and a video recorded by T3 Sixty President and CEO Jack Miller and T3 Sixty Editor-in-Chief Paul Hagey discussing the report.
In the realm of marketing, two crucial strategies that brokerages invest in are branding and lead generation. While both are considered integral in driving success for a real estate firm, they serve distinct purposes and require different approaches. Brokerages must understand the differences between branding and lead generation marketing expenses to allocate resources effectively. This […]
In real estate, the big are getting bigger. This is a trend apparent to many, and an analysis of 2023 Mega 1000 data provides some additional data behind it, including how the nation’s 10 largest brokerages have performed relative to the larger field. The total 2022 sales volume of the U.S.’s 1,000 largest brokerage firms […]
On July 11, T3 Sixty penned a letter to the industry regarding the intense legal and regulatory scrutiny of its current compensation structure. Regardless of whether a settlement occurs or a regulator steps in, the company identified some clear steps NAR, brokerages and agents should take to better serve consumers and reduce their risk. Read […]
To put the ever-evolving real estate industry into perspective, T3 Sixty has identified a framework for the major innovations and developments as they have occurred over time in what it terms real estate brokerage stages. First introduced in the 2019 Swanepoel Trends Report, the T3 Brokerage Stages concept helps real estate leaders understand where the […]
As mortgage rates rise, inventory stagnates and the economy remains unpredictable, luxury real estate, which typically offers higher margins and less volatility than the lower-priced market, has become increasingly attractive to brokerages and agents. There are many definitions of luxury real estate. A working definition for this article can be homes from 1.5 to 2X […]
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